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Rowman & Littlefield (2016) 

The Responsibility Paradigm & Virtuous Cycles of Change in Colleges & Universities

A hyperactive environment has created a new era of accountability and institutions will be either “gaining traction” or “losing ground” with more-of-the-same ceasing to be an option.  This ground-breaking book details a shift to a responsibility-driven paradigm that empowers colleges and universities.  The tool used to facilitate this shift is the powerful dynamics of "virtuous cycles." 

Future College

olive press (2016)

Mission, Vision, and Values in Higher Education

This is the first volume in the Olive Press Fieldbook series. It is a critical analysis of four-year colleges and universities is designed in a workbook fashion.  The mission, vision, and values of more than 140 institutions are studied and then followed by “Questions to Ask” sections that enable reflective practice.  A detailed set of promising practices are enumerated that help drive strategic planning, accreditation, and continuous improvement.

Institutional Effectiveness 


Creating Coherence in Colleges and Universities

This is the second volume in the Olive Press Fieldbook series. It examines the emerging concept known as institutional effectiveness (IE).  The book defines and explains IE and the imperatives that are driving its emergence. Core chapters focus on systems thinking, organizational design, and model building. Numerous examples and case studies are used throughout. The final chapter enumerates seven challenges to IE implementation.